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Introducing first time ever

Stylish shades for the most restful sleep

Block junk bluelight and enjoy low stress and quality sleep with Luma Bio’s Solar Shades and Ruby Stars

A better you starts with better sleep

Safeguard your eyes and sleep from the stress and alertness caused by unending bluelight exposure in modern life

Polarized and scratch resistant optical lenses

Polarized and scratch resistant optical lenses

Experience enhanced clarity and reduced glare for superior vision and eye comfort with Luma Bios polarized lenses.

Light & <br>Durable Frames

Light &
Durable Frames

Our quality aluminum frames fit seamlessly on to most faces for easy wearing.

Appropriate spectrum range for efficacy

Appropriate spectrum range for efficacy

Depending on the time of day and situation Luma Bios give you options to filter junk light and keep your performance high.

Full Coverage Frames

Full Coverage Frames

Luma Bios are designed to wrap around the eyes completely, minimizing the entry of ambient and peripheral light from the sides.

Spring Hinges

Spring Hinges

Luma Bios have spring hinges that enhance comfort, durability, and fit. Eyewear that is a great solution for everyday use.

Foldable hard-shell case

Foldable hard-shell case

Carry your Luma Bios around with ease with our complimentary hard-shell cases!

Sleepless nights? Block the blues and reclaim your dreams!

Struggling to sleep? Ditch the pills and restore your biology for your best sleep.

Progressively wrecking your sleep. With Luma Bio, continue using your screens knowing your eyes and sleep are protected!

Screen time: A stealthy threat to sleep. Our glasses block out the blues, violets, and greens!

Re-establish your circadian rhythm and rediscover restful nights.

— Use during heavy computer use and in the evening

Solar Shade - For digital eye strain

Solar Shades are ideal for office workers and even for entrepreneurs, doctors, hospitality professionals and those who travel regularly. These lenses allow your eyes to normalize and feel relaxed when in environments that still need you to be alert. Solar Shades are also useful in the evening when watching TV or at home. They block just the right amount of junk light and allow you to perform all your activities, while not hurting your eyes and disrupting your sleep.

— Use 30 minutes to 2 hours before bed

Ruby Star - 24h junk light protection

Ruby Stars are ideal when you are looking to transition to sleep and restfulness. They signal to your body that it’s dark and your sleep hormones start transitioning to night and sleep mode. Use them as you unwind at home, when watching TV or playing on your phone. Use them at airports, or at hotels, to help go to sleep and then minimize jetlag.

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Luma Bio puts your health back in your control.

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