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John Gloster Speaks

As someone who empowers high performance teams and individuals, I find Luma Bio’s red light therapy devices excellent tools that I am now using as part of my overall recovery recommendations.
The science on Red Light therapies is clear; by improving mitochondrial health, collagen growth and micro-circulation, inflammation and tissue recovery, our athletes are recovering faster from strenuous workouts, while benefitting from reduced soreness and inflammation.
We believe that sleep is the key to optimal recovery and the use of red light therapy to improve sleep performance is well documented and therefore sits as one of the key adjuncts within the overall recovery protocols. this together with the improvements in their sleep from the use of red light therapy, and our athletes simply perform better.
More research is now indicating the use of red light therapies in a variety of acute injury presentations and therefore becomes part of the overall injury management strategy to aid with reduction in pain and inflammatory markers.
Investment in such technologies is becoming a major pillar in the overall management of athlete’s recovery and performance, underpinned by robust science and research
Everything else seems set. 

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