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Solar Shades & Ruby Stars



This is the most amazing combination of both the items that are ideal for preserving your eye health and enhancing your sleep. The power combo of both the Solar Shades and the Ruby Stars, as below:

Solar Shades are ideal for office workers and even for entrepreneurs, doctors, hospitality professionals and those who travel regularly. These lenses allow your eyes to normalize and feel relaxed when in environments that still need you to be alert. Solar Shades are also useful in the evening when watching TV or at home. They block just the right amount of junk light and allow you to perform all your activities, while not hurting your eyes and disrupting your sleep. Solar Shades are also very effective to combat Screen Eyes; both prevention and cure.

They are also perfect for young parents who have babies at home who need to be attended to at night. Sleep disruptions are never welcome, but Solar Shades make them a little easier and help you go back to sleep.

Ruby Stars are ideal when you are looking to transition to sleep and restfulness. They signal to your body that it’s dark and your sleep hormones start transitioning to night and sleep mode. Use them as you unwind at home, when watching TV or playing on your phone. Use them at airports, or at hotels, to help go to sleep and then minimize jetlag.

When you do decide to sleep, you will fall asleep faster and more deeply


What’s Included

  • Luma Bio Solar Shades
  • Luma Bio Ruby Stars
  • Carrying Cases
  • Cleaning Cloths
  • Explanation cards
  • Summit Boxes


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